Designed to protect your hands and keep them bacteria-free when on the go, our UK made antibacterial hand sanitiser gel is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The gel consistency means that it’s quick-drying and furthermore, the nourishing formula helps keep your hands moisturised – unlike other drying hand sanitisers.

Tested to British standards EN1276 and EN1500, Lakeland Cosmetics’ trusted brand of hand sanitiser includes 70% alcohol content, which is 10% more than the required amount needed to kill bacteria and viruses. This allows you to coat your hands in a protective layer of antibacterial gel, which is suitable for frequent use.

There isn’t a more effective way of keeping your hands bacteria-free when out and about.

  • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Proven To Be Quick and Effective at Killing 99.9% of all Bacteria
  • Quick Drying, No Water Required
  • Proven to EN1276 and EN1500, Made In England
  • Complete With Nourishing Moisturiser – Kind to Skin